Selling your home is a big step. Our objective is to get you the best price with the least amount of stress as quickly as possible.

Our marketing plan for your property includes:

• Ensuring full exposure for your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with multiple colored professional photography
• Placing a clearly visible yard sign and brochure box on your property
• Featuring your home on our website and other listing sites such as,, and more
• Implementing an aggressive marketing campaign, including advertising, networking, and additional web exposure
• Hosting open houses
• Scheduling appointments and showing your property
• Ensuring that only qualified buyers are touring your home
• Calling prospective buyer agents for feedback after showings
• Keeping you informed throughout all stages of the transaction
• Handling all contracts and paperwork
• Negotiating on your behalf • Helping you find your next home

Below you will locate a brief outline of the steps to selling.


Deciding to Sell

You have decided to sell your home.

Enhancing curb appeal: First impressions are essential, which is why your home must look its very best when you are selling. Therefore, make sure your lawn is mowed, your trees are trimmed and the exterior is clean. Touch up on any peeling exterior paint or stains on the fence or deck. Make sure your home is well lit at night.


Hiring an Agent

You’re ready to sell, the next thing you should do is list your home with our team. Selling a home involves a great deal of research, paper work, effort and negotiations. Our agents have extensive knowledge on the market and have a variety of resources to expose your property to qualified buyers.


Listing Your Home

Your home is about to make its big debut on the market. Establishing a home’s true worth can be tricky. Our team will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis to ensure you're receiving the most value for your property while guaranteeing its properly priced We. will be by your side every step of the way guiding you.


Showing Your Home

The objective of showing you home is to get buyers to see themselves already living in your home. Therefore, the way your home looks can make or break a potential buyer.

Here are a few tips:

Home staging: It is important to stage your home for potential buyers. In other words, cleaning your home from top to bottom and organizing. If your home has empty rooms, stage it with the right furniture. There are places that rent furniture for this kind of situation. Our team provides virtual staging if needed.

Preparing for an Open House: A successful open house is the key to generating potential buyers. When hosting an open house make our team will make your rooms bright by opening blinds and turning on lights. You must create an environment that will allow buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. We're light a scented candle and leave some refreshments out. Additionally, for your security store all your valuables. We'll ask for feedback so you can make some changes for future showings or open houses if needed.


Receiving an Offer

Sometimes it may be difficult to fully understand an offer. Fortunately, our team is here to help you review all contracts, addendums and discuss all details.

Terms & Conditions: It is important to us that you understand the terms and conditions of each and every offer. Our agents will help you negotiate and counter to buyers if you are not fully content with the offer. Buyers may ask for other things such as appliances, extended closing time or repairs. Therefore, it is essential to review all contingencies on the contracts. Our experienced team of agents will help you decide which offer will benefit you the most.


Negotiating Offers

As stated in the previous step, perhaps you are not fully content with the offer. Our team will negotiate and counter to buyers. We will make suggestions that will benefit you and get you the best possible offer.

Multiple offers: You may be in a situation where you have received multiple offers. This allows you to compare and decided which offer best suits you.


Closing the Sale

For sellers, closing day means payday. However, you have to keep in mind that you will have to pay closing costs.


Closing costs: On the day of closing you will have to pay closing costs. These fees include the real estate agent’s commissions, legal fees, discharge fees, utility and property tax adjustments and more.


The Big Move

The day has finally arrived! Although it may sadden you to leave your old home behind, you will find excitement moving into your new home.

Here are some tips for a stress free move:

• Make a checklist
• Label moving boxes
• Shop around for reliable moving companies
• Transfer or cancel cable and utilities to new home
• Change your mailing address

Congratulations on the sale of your home!